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Super Wide Angle Lens Macro Lens For Smartphones

Super Wide Angle Lens Macro Lens For Smartphones

SKU: super-wide-angle-lens-macro-le599859253

SLR travel, large field shooting range, wide field wide angle lens, to achieve no distortion of the screen, clear focus within 2-4 cm.

The macro lens is mainly used for shooting fine objects, picturesque and insects. Using a macro lens, the shooting distance is about 2-4 centimeters. 15 times the magnification.

Mobile lens, we are more professional, anti distortion, wide angle:

1, using wide-angle extension effect, prone to 45 degrees, easy to shoot small V face and big long legs.

2, excellent distortion control effect. The quality of wide angle depends on the control of deformity changes. The more serious the distortion, the more blurred the imaging effect.

3, HD multilayer antireflection coating, greatly enhance the transmittance, the quality of the picture is sharper.

4, waterproof membrane outer layer, effective waterproof and oil repellency is dry, adapt to all kinds of weather.

Discover the beauty of natural beauty and record the beautiful moments in life.


Perfect HD Camera Cell Phone Lens Combinations.

1. Fisheye lens:

● Angle: 180°

2. Wide Angle lens:

● Angle: 120°

● Magnification: 0.45X

3. Macro lens:

● Magnification: 12.5X

● Min Object distance: 10-15mm

● Max Diameter: 20mm

Color: Black, Rose, Champagne Gold



1.When using Micro Len, it is suggested to keep 1-2cm distance from your object to take more clear pictures.

2.The Micro Len and the Wide Angle Len are attached together while you receive them.


Professional Camera Lens: 3-in-1 Cell phone lens set includes a 180° Fish Eye Lens,a 120° Super Wide Angle Lens,a 15X Macro Lens,all lens are crafted with great aluminum alloy and high class multi-element coated glass to minimize reflections and lens glare,bringing youhigh quality technical image effect.

Lens Super Function: Macro lens gets you 15X closer to your subject for extreme close-ups, Wide Angle Lens opens up your field of view for breathtaking landscape photos or selfies,Fisheye lens can give you ultra wide angle for 180° from fish angle and bring you much more fun in your journey.

Widely Compatible: Can be suitable for iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5,iPhone 4 ,most android smartphone and those who the distance between camera and the edge of the cellphone is no more than 3cm.

Durable and Easy To Use: With the portable and detachable design,it’s very easy to install and remove. Let your trip more colourful with this lens, and you take high quality photo with your devices at any time(no harm to your phone) without worrying about the service life of the camera lens kit.



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