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ACOPOWER 24V 10 W  Trickle Solar Charger 0.28Amp, Trolling Motor

ACOPOWER 24V 10 W Trickle Solar Charger 0.28Amp, Trolling Motor

SKU: hy-24m-10w676208432
  • Lightweigh and Portable: only 2.5lb; Low-profile & Skinny design. Dimension : 12.8"*11.8"*0.31"; Widely Used on Marine, Trolling Motor, RVS, Cars, Boats.
  • Semi-Flexible but NOT Bendable: Sturdy, aluminum backplane bendable panels can crack the fragile solar cells. Easy to install with no prior solar experience.An unbreakable plastic film surface with semi-flexible backing make these panels ideal for mounting on flat or gently curved surfaces.
  • High Efficiency : Monocrystalline cells have the industry's highest conversion efficiency, providing maximum power while taking up less space.
  • Easy Installation: Each panel has 4 mounting holes for easy mounting. Outdoor rated power cable that connects directly to your battery through the factory installed fused cigarette lighter plug. Power cable is 10 feet long. Come with 1pc 10w 24v solar panel with fused SAE Output Plug, Lighter Plus Adapter, Auto Battery Clip Adapter. Trickle Charger for 24V Trolling Motors.
  • Warranty:5 years workshop and 20 years output warranty. 100% money back guarantee. Contact us for Senior or US Military Discount Codes.


Product Info
Peak Power (Pmax): 10W
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 0.32A
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 43.2V
Optimum operating current (Imp): 0.28A
Optimum power voltage (Vmp): 36V

Application Scope
Charger For Trolling Motor, Travel Trailer Boat, RV & Marine Battery,
Courtyard Lighting. 24V
Small Household Lighting System24V.
Portable solar power.

Package Inludes: 
* 24V/Solar Panel
* Cigarette Lighter Charging Cable
* Alligator Clip Battery Charging Cable
* User Manual


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