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In 2017 I met Ruben Castañeda, as soon as they introduced me I knew that he was one of "those people", a true entrepreneur, worker and most important of all, fraternal. A good African proverb says "if you want to get there fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together", and that is what he represents, even thou he has his own priorities he always has time to support those who need him.

Recently interviewed Rubén looking for his vision of life, how he decided to start Soblin, how Mexicali played a fundamental role in developing his high technology company and what is his vision of the future.

Before Soblin

It all started when I was in college with an investigation, Ruben says this was a fundamental moment to inspire what would be years later Soblin, one day he find out about a project that funds entrepreneurs who have a high-tech product, this led him to investigate what was necessary to participate and among the requirements he was asked to create a company, a name and legal structure that would allow him to verify that it was a legitimate company.

During this period he competed against dozens of proposals, innovative ideas that put pressure on Rubén for a moment, but this did not demotivate him, on the contrary, this made him strive to show the technological attributes and the social impact that his prosthesis manufacturing project by means of additive manufacturing meant for the technological development, industry and the common good.

Made in Mexicali

Ruben has always emphasized that being located in Mexicali has been a determining factor, since it is a combination of factors that makes the city attractive to establish companies, it has high-level educational institutions, a globally competitive and diversified industry. Another important factor is the link between Mexico and the United States at this point, since it is a unique relationship between Imperial Valley and Mexicali, it is a mutual dependency that has generated important business opportunities, including the development of the industry, commerce and that there are highly qualified professionals.

Travel and Starting Up

Traveling is one of the most important experiences for any person, but above all for an entrepreneur, it is there where one meets itself and recognizes who we are, what we can achieve, what ideas are good that are only good intentions Ruben explains.

His trips abroad helped him determined what is relevant in life, starting a business is not for everyone, you need a true mission with which to achieve a balance between the sacrifice that represents to form a business and do what what you like, if there is a conflict between this fundamental principle, then the project will begin and end in conflict even if an initial success is achieved, the positive attitude and tireless spirit is the most important thing to achieve any purpose.

Towards 2030

Rubén tells us that we are practically going over the decade 2020-2030 and that high-tech companies should keep on constantly evolving, updated and above all generate joint projects, one of the most important factors for which he considers for success. He stops for a moment and says "Look, this decade is going to transform humanity, and unlike the past in which the divide and conquer is used, today it is completely the opposite, today it is necessary to find ways to generate synergies with the competition, add value, and find that which makes you unique and special, your identity as a business "closes" That is success, doing what you must and what you want at the same time ".

Cities in action

Rubén sees Soblin as a global company, with global values, being a technology company today is fundamental to be able to use these global tools such as crowdsourcing, crowdfunding for productive projects and the use of open source shared patents, is what has increased productivity in the world, reduce operating costs, create new technologies both software and hardware that create unique opportunities for entrepreneurs and achieve an environment of healthy competition.

Last Thoughts

Rubén invites you to approach him, find out what he does, it is a pride and an honor to have friendships that make us better people, that invite us to break our barriers and destroy our fears to make our own way a reality.

I think it is your time to decide your path and be faithful to it.


Soblin: www.soblin.com

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