Sustainable Nuclear Energy with Seaborg Technologies

For the past decades nuclear power had been labelled as unsafe, unclean and hazardous. Certainly we have seen major disasters, but fortunately we keep moving forward driven by our sense of curiosity and opportunity.

This is what Seaborg is about, this company has managed to create a new reactor that uses molten salt, its called CMSR for Compact Molten Salt Reactor. The reactor is safe, much smaller, better for the environment, and inexpensive even compared to fossil fuels. This gives us the opportunity to trust again this technology, invest in innovation and adopt these new technologies to substitute current nuclear reactor.

We need public awareness, information that helps citizens understand the opportunities we have with nuclear power, this is not about choosing one technology over the other, we need solar, wind and hydro power, it is about making all sources of energy sustainable, less carbon intensive and neutralize our footprint.

The United States Department of energy along with Japanese and Canadian authorities have supported an initiative called NICE Future for Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future, this initiative is conceived by the Clean Energy Ministerial in May of 2018. The initiative engages diverse stakeholders to focus on full-scale nuclear for base load electricity as well as innovative, next-generation technologies and integrated renewable-nuclear energy systems across four key areas: Technology evaluations of innovative energy systems and uses, Engagement of policy makers and stakeholders in future energy choices, Valuation, market structure, and ability to finance, Communicating nuclear energy’s role in clean, integrated energy systems. Reference:

This initiative is fundamental for public policies development supporting clean and innovative sources of energy generation such as nuclear, wind, solar and hydroelectric power.

Energy demand will double by 2050, we need clean reliable energy, a smart grid that helps us cut costs and become more efficient, automation is both a solution and a trigger for this incremental energy demand, but clearly the world seems is moving in the right direction to become self-sufficient locally, connected, globalized and integrated.

Companies like Seaborg play a key role in this transformation, they are essential for the basic needs of energy, we need clean, cheap, reliable energy. No other source at the moment can offer that level of reliability and we need is aware of this fact to help companies adopt rapidly this new technology in nuclear power plants, need to for the future of the best energy power source that we know, this new technology provides the answers for the nuclear question, decommission or build more nuclear power plant.

Seaborg Technologies is a hope for countries with limited access to hydroelectric, geothermal power, and fluctuating seasonal renewable generation such as countries with monsoons. Seaborg's flexible technology allows countries to generate clean energy, it is an alternative for countries that otherwise would rely solely on fossil fuels.

Technology or innovation is for human improvement, to make sure that we transcend as a species. We need clean energy to have clean industries, clean cities and a clean future, cities that can improve their infrastructure and mobility because energy has given this opportunity.

This company from Denmark is setting a new alternatives for our conventional power sources, nuclear energy is in our opinion one of the best if not the best of all energy sources, it catapults us to the next centuries and to the skies.

Seaborg is for us a unique company truly improving the way we live by creating solutions that help all humans meet our goals of a sustainable future. We thank Seaborg and its team for allowing us to create this article.


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