Smart Decision Making with Hivery

Artificial Intelligence is a complex subject, we mostly think about it as our smartphones voice, science fiction and robotics, we don't dig very deep into how this technology can help our daily lives and our businesses.

Our history has always been closely related with our ability to create and use tools effectively, those tools became machines and now we are turning those tools into thinking ecosystems that make decisions for us, decisions that can be packaged as a unique solution for a certain task or an industry.

Better information leads to better decisions, that's what big data combined with artificial intelligence is offering for the coming years, we need that information to reduce our exposure to financial risks and economic inefficiencies such as overproducing a certain product that will end as a rejected product and waste space, resources and time.

Businesses need to understand that the better informed they are about the supply chain, offer and demand of their product the better they can position their company against the competition, effectiveness and efficiency in the production processes are key to savings, headcount optimization, growth and expansion projects.

Hivery is a Australian artificial intelligence company focusing on retail, as their mantra says “Data has a better idea” the industry has proven with the use of the technology that information and data can provide analysis that in turn optimizes resources, enhances effectiveness and ultimately continues improving by performing analysis that optimizes every analyzed aspect of the project scope.

Our industries are changing rapidly and the faster they adopt AI the better, its the competitive edge that small and medium enterprises need to compete with larger but most of the time slow in technological adoption of bigger companies.

Entrepreneurs and business people need in our perspective to be aware of the challenges ahead with AI becoming the forefront of the development of the company's strategies for development, productivity, quality and client management. Empires will crumble and new ones will replace the vacuum left; and AI will be at the center point of this industrial and social revolution.

For Hivery and for other artificial intelligence companies we believe they have a promising future in this new economic cycle, and so the rest of the consumers will benefit from every new step this companies make for the betterment of all human, industrial and commercial processes.

As Hivery’s mission states “shake up organizations around the world by transforming data into actions that drive profit.” make us understand the impact of such technologies.

When we start transition projects for the adoption of new technologies we need to understand the impact in our organizations, the new development may help us solve a major issue in our industry or may worsen our process during the implementation process, nevertheless we need to understand the projected impact, the expected threats and be aware of the transition process.

AI in this aspect is different, since it is driven by information, the process first understands the key elements of the process and defines the scope to optimize and help us make the best decisions. Retail is one of the most complex industries since its driven by trends of consumption, an AI is expected to anticipate the impact of such deviations.

Hivery is the solution that is driving positive changes to companies all across the world, with offices in Australia, Japan and an expansive strategy with a co work strategy, gives Hivery global capabilities to implement solutions for clients anywhere.

We thank Hivery and their team for allowing us to create this article.


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