Seeds of Ascension with Thrive Agric

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Civilization started with agriculture, thousands of years we began understanding the importance of earth, water, fire and air, the combination of everything we need for our survival. Our citizens are becoming aware of the challenges we are facing in the coming decades, climate change is real, is a challenge for the agro industry, for arable land, severe weather, floods, droughts plus the forecast of food demand growth.

Food demand is expected to double in the coming decades and without technology, arable lands and optimization of resources, the minimum output goal just to cover the basic needs will not be met.

We need smart solutions, technology, data that enables us to make decisions to optimize our resources. Thrive Agric is one of those companies helping us shape a better future, this company comes from Africa and is setting a world standard for its support for agribusinesses.

Farmers are at the center of this initiative, focusing on the development of opportunities for individual agricultural farms, investors. The solution not only focuses on the financial aspects of funding but also helps farmers with technology to make decisions, provides insurance services from uncertainty in yields.

This approach helps farmers, investors and the local economy to thrive, connecting local and global markets together.

As we mentioned before, we are in an urgent moment for mankind, we need to move forward and embrace technology to support the use of solutions that helps us use every bit of information to our advantage, seek improved agricultural practices, connect with local food processing companies, become sustainable and embrace the balance between development and environmental impact.

Latin America and Asia need solutions such as these to help farmers grow, bring opportunities to their local communities, embrace change. One of the biggest issues of these two continents is corruption, a cracked political system that does not support the development of such technologies due to apathy and lack of interest.

Such policies do little to mitigate the activities of intensive and careless agricultural practices, and we see problems like the deforestation of the Amazon region, Chiapas in Mexico, Environmental disasters such as the one in the Aral Sea, a problem very similar to the Salton Sea in California, or the most recent desertification due to prolonged droughts.

We need balance, a transparent system that enables local farmers to help them bring opportunities to their communities but also being responsible for the environment, for the impact they make to the water resources, soil and the quality of the end product they choose to sell to the market, is a cycle, we need that healthy cycle.

Thrive Agric is achieving this goal outstandingly, we invite you to learn more about what they do, how do they do it, and also if you have the opportunity to go ahead and find a farm that you like, invest in the future of humanity, we need food, but more than that, we need healthy societies, local business development, wealth distribution that in turn will achieve what we most wish, a fraternal global society founded in freedom and equality.

We thank Thrive Agric for helping us create this article.


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