Mexico as a Start-up Engine for Global SMEs

SUM has the perspective to position Mexico as a bridge of innovation and economic engine between Latin America and the most developed markets, allowing entrepreneurial projects in the region to reach financial opportunities in more mature ecosystems, as well as innovation from more developed markets through Mexico to America. Latin. At Startup México we are experts in developing the skills and opportunities that you need to successfully advance in the market. Through expert knowledge to create, share and integrate fast and innovative solutions in your business portfolios.

SUM Objectives Challenge participants to identify areas of business opportunity. Support the creation or revision of a strategic growth plan covering areas such as: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Capital and Corporate Governance. Help diversify business offerings to address overdependence on a particular customer or product line. Provide tools for presentations to potential suppliers and strategic partners. Offer mentors to overcome challenges that entrepreneurs face.

Perspective Discover emerging trends and disruptors in industries that create new markets and influence decision-making, product development, business models, and business practices associated with innovation.

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