Mentoring the new generations with Chinaccelerator

Building up a business has never been an easy task, is not for everyone, and indeed is a work of discipline, perseverance, fraternity and open minds. Nowadays we can see startups being created in almost every city in the world somehow.

For the past 30 years the world has changed drastically in the way the economy is being developed, now we understand that one o the best ways to distribute wealth and prosperity is by having an open economic system that allows its small and medium sized companies to compete, reduce the influence of all powerful mega corporations that threaten democracy and an egalitarian society, it is also a way to sustain growth and to allow people to become the owners of their destiny.

Small and medium sized companies or “mittelstand” as it is called in Germany are essential for the economic development, and that is the purpose of business accelerator, bring opportunities to inventors, entrepreneurs, businesses to adopt technology, innovate and as a consequence help the entire economy to prosper.

All of these efforts require mentoring, require having an open mind to accept criticism and positive feedback of that what you are starting, how can you start it and be part of an honest accelerator that truly understands your capabilities but also recognizes the tools you need to succeed.

When we started searching for business accelerators we suddenly came across with a very interesting organization, Chinaccelerator, we started asking references and information about them and we find out that all the success stories they helped create in Asia.

China is always been that intriguing country where all products are made, of rich culture, history and great food, and now its becoming a country of technology, of unicorns and technological advances like no other country in such a short period of time has achieved.

For us its essential to understand what China is, needs of the world and what the world needs of this country, one of the most important things to understand is that there is a key phrase to sum up what they are doing “China is open for everything” and what i mean by this is that the efforts taken by its population to become a leader in manufacturing and now in technology has given this region one of the best in the world to create and expand a business.

An accelerator is fundamental in every startup environment and what we believe is that having mentors with experience, investors with the willingness to support your ideas and risk with you its capital to bet on your idea, that is what Chinaccelerator is helping to achieve, understanding that every idea is fundamentally good and that all the steps you need to become successful will be guided with a partner that will walk that path with you.

In the near future foresee that international accelerator will create branches and representative offices in Latin America, Africa and expand to the rest of Asia to bring new opportunities for every country in this globalized world that technology is destined to make egalitarian.

We embrace the values of Chinaccelerator and how is helping companies and entrepreneurs go one step ahead and move forward into that better future for humanity.


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