Kaizen in Government

Kaizen is a Japanese word whose meaning is continuous improvement. In the case of the Japanese it is an inherent part of their culture. We must adopt this concept to find the most appropriate way to delve into the urgent solutions that our nation needs.

And without a doubt this way of thinking is what I believe is the most accurate way to get to where we propose jointly and effectively. I mention this because I have great faith that once we start using this concept in all industries and levels of government, we will quickly grow as a country under this motivation that we will somehow have as mandatory by our employers as a means of rating our performance. There is not much to say about this except that it is our duty to create as I was forced for a time to introduce and create at least 2 improvements per month related to my job. These improvements can be as simple as changing a process, making a special report, cleaning my area, sorting the papers by date and priority; and those with the greatest impact in saving some resource, such as manufacturing inputs, water, electricity, etc. As you can see from what I have just explained to you; it can be any simple task; But the fact is to actually create substantial improvements that lead to improving areas of work, home, business and any organization, whether public, private or governmental.

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