Forward Thinking with Beck Fastener Group

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Capital Goods are the backbone of every economy if a country can create innovative and optimized capital goods for small and medium-sized companies this country is on the right path for development and success.

Such examples we can see in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, the “mittelstand” is a reality that has made these societies egalitarian, and has distributed opportunity in turn why prosperity is so well-distributed compared to other developed countries.

Recently we can across with one of the most forward-thinking and innovative companies from Austria, this centennial company has managed to keep innovating and creating solutions for companies in multiple industries such as automotive, construction and manufacturing. Is companies like Beck that move forward and offer the tools for companies to prosper.

But what is forward thinking and how a company has managed to tackle the challenges that for the past century have been aggressively competitive in an industry that mega-corporations struggle to keep pace.

The mittelstand is possible because of good and high-quality education, technical education that allows well-trained professionals, one of the main facts also is that innovation is accumulative, what we mean is that quality jobs give us in turn quality results, highly skilled workers committed to their job keep innovating while other companies have high workers mobility undermining innovations.

Other factors have to do with value added, capital goods are among the most valued assets in the world since they are the means of production, what keep the economy moving. And so such countries focus on adding value, they are not based on natural resources but rather a knowledge economy.

What we have learned is that companies like Beck have a strong management team with

a clear vision of shot, medium and long-term projections, an excellent customer service, product support, and distribution network.

It is essential to serve a supply chain that demands of your products and services and under niche market that enables companies to grow and make decisions that encourages innovation, continuous improvement and commitment towards advancements.

Nowadays the focus of innovation is so strong and unrestricted for small and medium-sized enterprises due to technological advancements in information technologies. It is possible to make soft innovations, small improvements of a tool, process, equipment, operational-excellence rules and enhance resources and productivity.

Beck for the past century has managed to do this and continue to improve its services, products, and processes, the commitment to efficiency and good quality products has been the key for their success and to stay this long in a highly competitive industry.

We all need to embrace forward thinking in our companies and personal lives, setting goals and improving constantly with a clear vision about what we want to do in a certain period, we can all be sure that our actions will speak of the values we have, let's move forward together.

Beck is great company, an example for companies to innovate and operational-excellence. In 2018 the company receive the PTIA Award for its innovation in tool design.

We thank Beck for allowing us to create this article. Please go to their website to learn more:


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