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For a decade now, the number of solutions to which we have access as users of services such as telecommunications, electronic payments, payments in establishments and customer service at a distance and through call centers has expanded.

Our government and country today has a challenge that is to modernize all levels of government to streamline the procedures of the different dependencies in their charge. The basic procedures to which all citizens have access should be the priority and later expand those options to more complex and specialized procedures. National Unique Identity To gain access to the most complex procedures, it is necessary to integrate platforms with more robust technology that allows users to access said documentation online. Some cases like the SAT is an example of success; however, a much faster platform is required to be even more effective; as well as facilitating through micro-accounting for SMEs the fact of being able to report profits and expenses in a single day; thus paying taxes automatically; in case of not doing it, only indicate operation in zeros or known as a sleeping society. Models like this must be propagated to all government agencies to achieve greater productivity as a society, together with the use of a unique identity to facilitate the use and access of information by biometrics and tele-biometrics. Government specialization Many employees fear modernization due to being relegated or displaced by technology; However, a vision of the state is required to migrate the level of specialization of the employees to satisfy other needs as a result of the services offered to citizens. I have seen examples of how municipal police rent to protect and safeguard logistics in private events. This is an example of how services within the same professional line can fulfill the same functions in different sectors. Taken from the same situation, it is possible to specialize, for example, to public water services to provide hydraulic consultancy services, savings in hydrological resources. Or for example the employees of the state agency that issues the plates to provide management services. In conclusion we must protect the jobs that exist to give rise to the modernization of our nation and its government wing based on the specialization also of our bureaucrats and above all focus on customer service; We must treat those who pay taxes as our clients always under a concept of mutual respect and tolerance.

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