Despite the pandemic, Mexico seeks to attract companies that want to get out of China.

Despite the fact that the pandemic has paralyzed much of the world economy, the industrial promotion of Mexicali continues, even more so when the possibility of attracting companies based in China opens up. The above was stated by the vice president of the Parque Industrial Mexicali (PIMSA), Xavier Rivas Martínez, who points out that the business chamber model is obsolete, it has to change and promote the development of microentrepreneurs, because they also have the potential to grow.

The business promoter commented that today we all have to take care of our health due to the pandemic that has taken many lives around the world, but this should not take away the spirit of moving forward. "What I see is that business organizations are obsolete in their model, which must change, for example, the micro-entrepreneur, and I speak of the bolero, the hairdresser, the one who sells flowers, they are entrepreneurs and they have the potential to be big, and there have been cases. " That is why it is a good time to reflect, business organizations, government, the instances of industrial promotion, since they have to change, not to do more of the same. "All this handbrake that the pandemic put on us has not stopped the interest in promoting, we continue to have conferences with embassies from other countries to maintain the interest in promoting this region." It is no longer about promoting Mexicali, but in a group, 4 communities, two different countries, such as Mexicali Baja California, and San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Imperial Valley in California and Yuma, in Arizona, which they have called binational cruise economic, which has a lot of potential. "We have received expressions that there is a clear movement of companies that are in China, to settle in Mexico, taking advantage of the competitive cost and the skill of the Mexican workforce." A few days ago he toured an industrial warehouse with some entrepreneurs who were in Chicago, which is something he had never done before, so the need generates creativity, and this is applied in all economic instances. There are many businesses that are going to awaken a challenge, such as the restaurateurs who are now in the takeaway mode, and in which many were not prepared. It is not easy to sell Mexicali The challenge of Mexicali is very viable because we have been receiving maquiladoras for 60 years, in addition, the Mexicans workforce is famous worldwide, as they have made it known in France and Germany. However, it is not easy to sell Mexicali, because it is a very dirty and bumpy city, despite the efforts being made by Mayor Marina del Pilar Ávila, it is also not easy to get to because it does not have a high-rise airport, in addition They do not have a large city as a neighbor. Regarding the company Constellation Brands, which was asked to remain in office and lost, Rivas Martínez said that he does not believe they have folded their hands, since not any company leaves 800 million dollars of investment abandoned. He understands that the company is still in talks with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to whom they will have to propose options. “But it did hit us very hard, because wherever I go in the world, the question was, why don't they want companies in Mexicali? He opposed and many people of good will were deceived that the water is going to run out. " He mentioned that some years ago they explained to him that 95% of Baja California's water comes from the Colorado River, however, we need more conservation culture, since more water is lost due to leaks due to poor facilities, than what he was going to use Constellation Brands. And with regard to the Bonilla Law, he commented that he considered it better than the current governor to stay for 5 years, because he gives things continuity and leaves a development plan, while politically he does not think, because in this moment is far from politics. Xavier Rivas Vice President of Parque Industrial Mexicali

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