Business in pause!

In our last column we talk about MARTIN, the bolero who starts and does business, generating three jobs with two positions to bowling in the Center of Mexicali. Based on this example, we have paid more attention to this type of businessman who, at the end of the day, generates an economy as important as that of the well-known.

They pay taxes, licenses, telephone services, among other elements of a chain that includes providers. In fact, I recommend a book entitled "The Engine of America", by Héctor Barreto, who was Director of the SBA in President Bush's cabinet, in it he presents the importance of small entrepreneurs for a national economy. Therefore, taking every precaution, distance, etc. I want to share my talk with three of these small or micro entrepreneurs. One was a traditional birote bread vendor, Don Rigo, who wakes up every morning, takes his tricycle and pedaled for hours after buying the birotes at the bakery, but the money also circulates. Another was with Tortas Martín for the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood in Mexicali, who has been in the third generation for more than 50 years, another example of a micro company that maintains suppliers of the chicharrón for years, napkins, bags, tomatoes, bologna, bread, etc. . that is the basis of economic development. And if I include Don José, who makes air conditioning ducts at home, the chain is endless. Most of these contribute and are exemplary in compliance with tax authorities, social security, etc. but many prefer not to grow out of fear of inspectors, views, and more. It also comes to my memory that in 1980 I visited South Korea, a nation that then considered Mexico as an economic power. At that time Korea was very poor with high rates of social problems, they were hungry and today Mexico is Korea's maquiladora. One reason for this drastic change was that there the economic authorities launched a plan to support small entrepreneurs. Yes, from those same vendors, small manufacturers like the ones you saw this week and that abound the same in Ensenada or Tijuana or anywhere in Baja California, but here you do not pay due attention to financial aid, or fiscal, labor or business guidance. Therefore, in addition to seeing these genuine entrepreneurs with the power to grow and achieve progress, I would like to suggest to the readers of this column that we support by buying from them, but also encourage them to grow. The economy requires starting a development from the bottom up. I do not see in that the state or federal government less than the municipal. As an example of not having clear ideas, the Mexicali Industrial Development Commission, while acknowledging its good will, is collecting food, how is it! It should not be forgotten that its function is industrial development, not the promotion of shelter services or industrial warehouses, much less public benefit. It is necessary to change models. Citizen Opinion More support from state economic development authorities is lacking, serious international companies do not find support from the state government. While in other states companies that compete with those of Baja California operate without problem, here they cannot open and see that if this continues, it will bring more damaging consequences than the virus itself. Of course they are responsible companies that would take preventive measures. What does Sedeco say? I recommend a video from the CEO of Delta Airlines, an example of how we can reopen the economy !!! President AMLO's mornings are already recognized worldwide, transparency is locating Mexico, although it has not yet reached everyone. An example is customs in Baja California.

VP, Xavier Rivas

Mexicali Industrial Parks

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