Best cities and regions for crypto currency mining

I recently understood the power, future, and need for us to support cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It comes with my understanding of energy, cybersecurity and finance industry needs for these types of technologies. I still stay vigilant and will support crypto until it reaches the point of maturity, at these moments what we need to focus is on giving it an opportunity to get to that point.

When it comes to mind where are the best areas to settle a crypto mining operation, none would think Mexico, but this region is growing fast in energy options, is a virgin soil for crypto, cheap energy, and skilled labor; its not only my vision, its also my own projects that I am focusing on the opportunities that this country brings to this technology.

Obviously, not all of Mexico is suitable, my focus is in the north where there is cheap natural gas, outstanding solar capabilities, and wind, a good and qualified pool of engineers and developers that compete with any global so-called silicon initiatives.

Iceland, Seattle, Dalian, Mongolia, Virginia, and Vancouver are very good to start operations, but they are limited by politics in some cases for investments, commitments toward venture capital firms, no cheap energy or a cheap qualified labor force. That is why the combination of all these factors make north Mexico the best region to invest and make a bigger profit out of the same investment or even less.

I am myself investing in this, not because of the hip of the crypto trends and blockchain but out of a conscious decision into what I identify as an investment for the present and future of cybersecurity, financial services and operations that  make everything far more efficient than it used to be, its a sustainable industry that is becoming the replacement of the economic and financial system that we have been used to.

For that matter, my focus is not crypto, its energy, its financial services, blockchain and all we need in order for our world to work in a cybernetic and technocratic environment.

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