A new era of lending with Oriente

Recently we came across with a startup coming out from Hong Kong, one of the cities we believe is in the forefront of innovation and the fourth industrial revolution. Oriente is spanish means “East” a name that firmly describes where the world is leaning to.

Oriente is a fintech company, they provide access to affordable, easy and timely credit to unlock financial freedom and opportunity for communities that have been left behind by the limits of existing financial systems.

Copywright. Oriente www.oriente.com

“We firmly believe that credit should be used as a tool for progress and opportunity, not as a weapon against it.” - Oriente

When we came across the company and find out the values that they emphasize we automatically empathized with them. Oriente is shaping the way we access credit and by doing so it is setting new standards for the industry.

For the past decade we have seen the rise of new fintech companies around the world, we can see examples everywhere, we see with interest the trends in microloans, credit, crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies, small cap venture capital firms and the rise of micro banking.

Its is important for people to have access to credit, our economy is based in credit, that is why startups are fundamental for the development of a healthy competitive financial system, Oriente is in the forefront of this transformation, in one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world if not the fastest.

Asia-Pacific is the region that is set to become the most prosperous region in the world, from China to Peru, and from Mexico to Indonesia, the economies are growing driven by the shear growth of their populations and technological innovations that provide a virgin soil for investors.

For Oriente this means that their market is developing fast and that they need to be constantly updating and innovating in the ways they serve their clients.

Innovation has been present in financial services more aggressively since the financial crisis of 2008 and in turn that helped startups seek for solutions and innovations to provide ordinary people with means to access credit even under circumstances that traditional financial and baking systems would have never provided.

Collaborations have proven to be effective for Oriente, this year has established new partners in southeast Asia as their means to expand their market quickly with a flexible platform that has allowed these pace to become a reality.

As we move forward with these technologies we see potential in regions such as Latin America and Africa, since most of the financial services are dominated by traditional banking systems, a less immersive into technology society in comparison with Asia, and a growing population, elements that help any company to access new markets.

Oriente is without a doubt a key player in the new financial system innovation environment, Hong Kong is the city in action that has helped this startup to set sail bringing solutions to the people not only for the means of profitability but rather focused into helping people's lives and opportunities in life to develop their own projects.


Go to: https://oriente.com/

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