9 Collector Resources to Find Art You Want to Buy

Art Market News

1. Hyperallergic

Started in 2009, Hyperallergic features critical and editorial online content about contemporary art, specifically targeting “serious, playful and radical thinking about art in the world today.” Newsletter subscribers gain access to news, announcements, articles, and events.

2. Blouin Artinfo

With 15 international editions, Blouin ArtInfo covers up-to-the-minute developments in art news and business, including art auctions, galleries, museums, and artists. Blouin Artinfo Corp represents the most comprehensive portfolio of websites, guide books, art price guides, art sales databases, exhibition catalogs, and a book publishing company, all with the purpose to provide everything people need to make, buy, and understand art.

3. The Art Newspaper

News, reviews, and commentary by art experts around the world, The Art Newspaper continuously brings updates to its global audience. While headquartered in New York and London, editorial offices are also regionally located in Turin, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, and Athens. In addition to their online resources, subscribers can also receive their monthly printed edition.

4. Larry’s List

This go-to source for art market news includes a worldwide network of art professionals who access their extensively researched and updated database of art collector profiles and information. This information helps people research particular locales, buying trends, and other art professionals as it pertains to their goals and curiosities, including in-depth reports on art market trends and news.

Online Art Market Platforms

5. Artsy.net

Artsy is a leading resource for art lovers, aiming to “make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.” With an extensive database of artworks that span periods from historical to modern to contemporary art, users can research, discover and collect art. Using technology to advance the way art is categorized and filtered, Artsy also brings editorial and educational content to collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide.

6. Art World Forum

Art World Forum is an online networking tool that pairs its online content with international conferences where investors, collectors, dealers, insurers, academics, and practitioners meet and learn from one another. It aims to provide tools and market insights for both art professionals and business leaders.

7. Art and Only

With a focus on transparency, Art and Only is an online platform for discovering, purchasing, and selling contemporary art. Collectors can browse carefully curated artworks and read editorial articles that bring insights from experts, curators, and trusted art professionals.

Art Auctions

8. Christie’s, Sotheby’s & Phillips

These three house names represent the largest and oldest high-end, luxury art auction houses. Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips have lead the art market since getting their start in mid- to late-18th century, each becoming known for high-profile sales for fine art, photography and jewellry. To keep up with new and upcoming online auction platforms, each auction house has incorporated live online bidding opportunities, attracting a percentage of new art buyers with this new technology.

9. artnet

The site artnet aims to bring transparency to the art market by providing platforms to find, research, buy, and sell art. It offers access to their price database, market alerts for new pieces on auction or results from auctions that include artists you follow, a network of galleries, round-the-clock online auctions and analytics reports, along with partnerships and lists from other auction houses.

Source: https://www.artworkarchive.com/blog/9-collector-resources-to-find-art-you-want-to-buy

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