5 regions and countries to invest in Energy

Updated: May 9, 2019

Energy integration is becoming more than a need to further integrate our regions, it is, in fact, the source of energy savings, efficiency and the introduction of large-scale renewable energy projects. Enhancing and creating a global grid is a requirement for humanity to progress not mere fiction and a possibility to become more interdependent developing humanity with equality and focused on the common good. 

Here are the 5 regions that are moving towards integration helping businesses grow, become more productive and profitable and suitable to develop a wide area synchronous grid (WASG). 

1. North America

The further integration between the United States, Mexico, and Canada into a North American energy market became a possibility with the implementation of the energy reform in Mexico and the strategic vision of the US energy market to become self-sufficient and also one of the major exporters in the world. The energy market is the cornerstone of the development of a nation and this region has become one of the most competitive developing a network of natural gas, electric grid, and renewable energy. 

As we move forward into a less carbon-intensive economy this region, led by California's example has become of the most attractive for investors and companies to set operations mainly focusing in Mexico, a less developed market with big potential due to the undeveloped supply chain in the energy industry, giving opportunities to companies all around the world mainly European and American to start operations in Mexico along with the Plan Mesoamerica which integrates Central America.


 This region could be first nevertheless the political struggles, war games, instability in terms of energy resources and political differences make this region unable to pursue its full potential mainly because of factors such as the war in Syria, Donbass, Migration, Turkeys political instability and the growing aggression between Russia and its neighbors. 

For that matter is more a dream that may one day develop into the super smart grid and once again make peace with progress, focus on the common good instead of what makes them different. The World need this region to succeed because it is the best example we have for a future where humanity become fully integrated while still maintaining the cultural difference and uniqueness that make us very interesting to know each other. 

The best way to invest in this region is to focus on where there are solid institutions and move forward into better opportunities to diversify the industry in countries where the state controls the energy sector. 

3. India National Grid

This fascinating country of more than a billion inhabitants holds one of the biggest potentials, nevertheless needs to create a better strategy to solve the growing influence of China in the region by focusing on creating its own energy market giving opportunities to local and international investors in a country where this sector has been state-controlled, to make India attractive the growth strategy need to take into account both possibilities, grow in terms of factories, manufacturing but also deliver an integrative strategy to support that energy demand with further opportunities for private investment. 

The country needs to focus on renewable energy, hydro and nuclear energy as both biomass, carbon and natural gas will not be the solution to meet the demand. 

4. North East Asia

China, Koreas, and Japan if they succeed moving away from their past differences and focus on the common good, this region can further integrate an energy market that may pose advantages for all, a WASG in this region with an electric market may represent for China to be able to expand its market, diversify, make peace with progress, and focus on the low costs that can provide an interconnected smart grid for renewable energy. 

The whole region needs each other to progress and move forward into better opportunities for everyone. 

5. South East Asia

Singapore, Indonesia, Malasia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos can integrate a WASG as they need each other's energetic resources to integrate and to develop opportunities for their businesses, this region is growing fast and it has to develop even further to become better countries for their peoples, for that matter the energy market is required to help the economy to grow and build driven by competitiveness and efficiency to become productive and diversify their economy. 

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