10 cities to start a business

During most of my travels, I've always seen a city not only through the eyes of a tourist, but I also try to see deep, what is moving a city, how they conduct businesses and what would and would not work in other cities. 

What I know now is that most investors, most entrepreneurs and most international corporations are afraid to make a move, to go to other continent or to another region of the same continent or even regional union. 

To change this there's a need to move globalization down the ladder where the small and medium enterprises are, how can they make partnerships that work for everyone and exploit the full opportunities of an invention, of a trademark or of a service. 

These are the 10 Cities to start a Business. This is not a ranking its a list of cities that I think are good opportunities for entrepreneurs, international businesses and to make partnerships. Also, these cities are open to businesses, franchises, industry, technology, manufacturing and above all communities that embrace change. 

10. Istanbul 

Between two continents, Istanbul is a pearl for making businesses. This city is open to western companies and if European and American companies find themselves where they need to understand the culture, how to make a franchise work there combining tradition with new industrialized processes. Manufacturing companies also have good chances of direct to market opportunities, set operations in Anatolia and use Istanbul as the Logistics Hub to Europe, North Africa, and the Middles East. 

9. Tijuana

This once infamous city is now thriving, its a direct to the market city, in one of the most developed and industrialized states of Mexico, connect with other manufacturing cities such as Mexicali and deep sea port in Ensenada. The opportunities I see here are for medical companies, manufacturing operations, franchises and businesses from EMEA have good chances of growing here. Most American major franchises set operations in Baja California as a means to start their expansion to Mexico and Latin America since this region has always been one with major immigration from Asia, USA, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America. It's near Vale de Guadalupe wine country. 

8. Athens

Athens is, in my opinion, underexploited, there are a lot of opportunities in Greece and in its capital for all corporations, American and Latin American companies would thrive very easily here, the country is open to investors, to franchises from all colors and flavors. The city needs of these new businesses to grow, to start really exploiting its full potential that tourist represents for the country, lifestyle is similar to its Mediterranean brothers, Spain and Italy. Besides tourism and culture, Athens is an opportunity for manufacturing companies using is major ports as an exporting hub, the knowledge economy will play a big role the upcoming decades for Greece due to its lack of natural resources compared to other regional powers. 

7. Prague

This city is already thriving in bringing new companies into the city for manufacturing, innovation, technology and as a central power connecting west and eastern Europe. The opportunities here are for silicon valley companies to set operations in Europe, franchises, but a new cultural environment more closely influenced by Asia and American and Latin American companies to start operations in a city well regarded as open for new cultural diversity. Tacos here are very popular Mexican food but there's a need for originality and to start setting operations here, it is a great city to start a business, the currency is a strong ally for investors since is cheap and good for trade opportunities within the European Union. 

6. Glasgow

The second largest city in Scotland, besides its trade partners in the EU and the political turmoils of Brexit and everything that is been going on in Scotland. This city is a great opportunity for Asian and Latin American companies to set a foot in Europe, the influence of this city and its culture is strong and for an entrepreneur to set operations here is very familiar for Americans, the city is an innovative city focusing on knowledge industry, part of the 4th industrial revolution, opportunities for traditional businesses and franchises that help Scottish diversify on their leisure time and bring new amenities, ways of improving quality of life will have a good chance of thriving here. 

5. Dublin

This city has everything and from everywhere if anything that it needs is to use these powerful assets to build new businesses and grow. Companies from all regions and continents in my perspective can thrive here, there is Silicon Docks which is a major opportunity for tech companies, there's a foodie culture here that helps bring and create an ever-multiplying business environment. The country is open for investments and has all the means you need to set operations here and also the influence to exert cultural power to help your company to later expand to mainland Europe. 

4. Hamburg

The richest region in Germany is home to major corporations and attracts thousands of immigrants. The city is both beautiful and somehow chaotic, exactly what gives a unique opportunity for businesses, the crowds to expand franchises and services here, this port is also the opportunity of both exporting and importing good from anywhere in the world and into Germany. The city is a global hub and is the cornerstone of Germany's trade superpower. 

3. Tel Aviv

Most of the opportunities I found interesting for entrepreneurs are within the expansion of companies and franchises to a well educated and culturally diverse city, any type of business can thrive here and is not only the tech and manufacturing companies, its also the services, tier 2 and tier 1 type of services, it also serves as a hub to export Israeli technology to other countries. Its the largest city in Israel and also in my perspective one of the most interesting for businesses, mainly for companies expanding to the middle east. There's, of course, this division and political issue but it has nothing to do with businesses and the opportunities to expand to the whole region. It is in my perspective the Capital of the Middle East which reminds me why NEOM, the Saudi Arabia project wants to be as near to this city as it can. Tel Aviv holds the key for a peaceful focused on prosperity Middle East. 

2. San Diego 

The southern westernmost city of mainland USA is an opportunity for urban developers, international corporations, franchises from all the world, technology, innovation and also a logistics hub along with Tijuana. Los Angeles is focused on a lot of issues while San Diego has kept its mind clear and focused on innovation, getting along with its southern neighbor, pushing for new opportunities and building an environment suitable for small and medium enterprises to thrive, multiculturality here is one of the key successes of the city and its an example to other international powers and cities. In my perspective, the city needs to move to greener mobility and better subways, trams and less dependence on cars. 

1. Vienna

The capital of Austria is a very well balanced city, in my perspective the most balanced city of this list. Which is why I believe that the most liveable city in the world has opportunities for every single type of business, obviously with the small and medium business I refer, technology businesses, innovation, light off manufacturing, I say this because for manufacturing operations automation will be a better opportunity for companies that set operations here rather than labor intensive. It's the most important city in the DACH region in terms of cultural influence and the second largest German-speaking city after Berlin, and also the entrance to both western and eastern Europe. A well-balanced environment between work and life, business and lifestyle. If anywhere in Europe I would start operations here or in Dublin. 

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