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Energy Partnerships

We deliver solutions for the Mexican Energy Market. Mexico is a complex country, we help companies to become self sufficient. Each company has its own challenges, we help companies to save in energy, and also to enter the energy industry. 

Solutions by Industry.

"A partnership that works for every industry"

  • Industry: Natural Gas Cogeneration Solutions and Onsite Gas Generators. 

  • Industrial Parks and REITs: Become the energy supplier of your clients. 

  • Generators: Plant and Energy Management.

  • Suppliers: Suppliers and Importers Client Management.

  • Small Energy Companies: Partner with a Local Developer. 

  • Marketing Partner: LNG, LPG, Oil, Natural Gas, Electric, Hydrogen, Generation and Transmission Equipment.



We provide international regulatory consulting services for energy  and industrial companies. 


Contracts technical analysis and management to enhance the opportunities for energy companies. 


Contracts and consulting services for energy companies and system operators. 


We provide inside energy markets analysis for international companies. 


Installation, maintenance and international project management. Maintenance contracts. 

Fuels & Energy

Gas Station management, permits and consulting.

Oil & Gas

International Farm-outs management, consulting services for oil and gas companies. 


Energy generation projects: Combined Cycle, Cogeneration, Solar, Wind. Regulatory Compliance.

Global Energy Trading

International energy trading is the traditional core business of Valqus Energy division. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly the opportunities and risks in the trading business and have direct access to the most important wholesale market places in Europe, the Americas and Middle East.


With us you expand your range of action both across geographical boundaries and across energy sources and benefit from opportunities that open up in exchange and bilateral energy trading.

LNG, LGP, Oil, Gas


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